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Sunday, 29 September 2013 22:05

January 13 Two years today, now.  Issued our overseas bars today.

January 20 Something's coming off here soon.  Troops are moving out fast now.

February 28 Left for Palestine today.  Truck to Khorramshahr and Basra.  Train to Baghdad.

March 1 Spending a couple of days in Baghdad.

March 3 This truck ride is one hard ride.  I wouldn't do it again for a month.

March 7 This is the first time we've seen anything so civilized in two years.  It's certainly beautiful here.

March 17 Arrived back in camp today, almost dead after the trip.

April 12 B Company is leaving now.  Something is going to break soon.

April 28 We are on the alert now.  After 2 & 1/2 years of waiting for this we won't believe it until it comes, though.  France, here we come.

May 1 I was one of eight picked to drive the trucks to Khorramshahr. to get them ready for shipment.  I had to tell Stasia good-bye.

May 4 I never knew I would miss a girl so much as I do Stasia.  I don't know why they had to send me here the last few days.

May 11 I had a chance to go back to Ahwaz today and I took it.  Stasia almost fell over when I walked in.

May 12 It's going to be awful hard to leave this girl again.  It isn't like having a girl back in the states.

May 14 Tonight was the last night for Stasia and I.  I would almost take a court martial rather than leave her.  She took it awful hard.

May 15 Pulled out of Ahwaz tonight.

May 16 We're in the staging area now.  The first step.

May 18 K.P. every other day.  This staging area is no good.

Herbert's last diary entry, dated May 21, 1945

The first flight flew out tonight.  Won't be long now.