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Sunday, 29 September 2013 22:04

January 1 Turkey for dinner today.  Same menu as Christmas.  At least the year started off right.  This is going to be  a year of suffering for Germany and Japan, though.

January 2 Still having beautiful weather here.  Just like springtime back home.  The people here would die of fright, if nothing else, if it snowed or froze here.

January 3 Received orders to be ready by 5 A.M. tomorrow morning to drive Lt. Atkins down to Cheybassi to pay native railroad workers.

January 4 Left 7 A.M.  Arrived Cheybassi about 9:30 A.M.  Not a bad place.  Went to Asher and Margil this morning.  Best city outside Tehran I've seen over here.  Looks like we'll sleep here.

January 5 Finished this morning, had a turkey dinner at camp and started for Ahwaz.  Followed the trail across desert used by the English army to invade this country.  Saw old trenches and forts.   Arrived O.K.

January 6 Ahwaz is off limits today and tomorrow to all troops, British and American.  Soldier was murdered there last night.  Two were beaten up in Lascarabad by camp here, too.

January 7 I went to bed 11 P.M. last night and slept till 5 P.M. today.  Only got up for super.  Boy, did I need rest!  Two packages today.  Charlie and Mr. & Mrs. Morgan.

January 8 Lt. McNair caught Fagan in Ahwaz today and balled him out.  Said he was supposed to have a pass.  That's one man I'm going to look up someday.

January 9 Didn't do much today.  Went to church.  Rained all day.  Had turkey for supper again tonight.

January 11 Saw a swell picture tonight, "Edge of Darkness," starring Erroll Flynn and Ann Sheridan.

January 12 Went to a U.S.O. show tonight.  Three men and four girls in it.  Wish we could have more of these.  Bringing the band back tonight, Sgt. Randecker fell out the back end, cut up a little.

January 13 One year ago yesterday we sailed from home, ready for anything. Good movie tonight, "Stormy Weather," with Lena Horne and all Negro cast.

January 14 Our office almost burned tonight.  Smoke pipe was stopped up and oil kept coming.  Used tetrachloride to put it out and was gassed a little by the fumes. Feeling O.K. now except my lungs still funny.

January 18 Had a good movie tonight.  Ann Southern and Eleanor Powell in "Lady Be Good."

January 19 Light rain again today.  Roads are like greased ice. 

January 20 Movie very good tonight.  Ann Southern in "Swing Shift Maisie."

January 21 Worked on my weapons carrier all morning, servicing it.  Have another date with Christina and Helena tomorrow.  Hope they show up.

January 22 The girls liked the pictures and all wanted prints of each.

January 23 Sunday.  Paul and I had to work today.  Got off long enough to go to church though.  Also managed to see Christina and Helena this afternoon.

January 24 Had a swell time today. Went on a Boar hunt. Left 7 A.M.  Hunted them in the roughest country I ever tried to drive in.  Bushes 10 ft. tall.  Shot five.  At least two weighed 300 lbs.

January 25 So sore today I can hardly move, from that Boar hunt yesterday. Went to the movie tonight, "Keeper of the Flame," with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. Mejois, a little Arab boy, came out crying.

January 26 Christina meets me every day, now.  I must be falling for that gal.  She's so easy to get along with.

January 27 Received a birthday card from home today.  Saw Christina this afternoon.

January 28 Had a dance today with the Polish girls.  I brought Christina. 

January 29 Christina out with me at 4  till 6:15 P.M.  We drove towards the Engineer's Camp so our M.P.'s couldn't see us.  Boy, I wish I could take her home with me.

January 30 Didn't get to see Christina today.  Some friends of hers were up from Palestine.  Fixed Chuck up with Neda for a date with us Wednesday.

January 31 Cab on my weapons carrier now, so spent the day painting it.  Neat job.  Paid today.  Going to Basra tomorrow.

February 1 Spent the day in Asher and Margil today.  Carried a Captain and Indian Lieutenant down.  Went over 30 miles of desert that was nothing but mud.  Wonder I got through.

February 2 Saw Christina today at 3 P.M. and was with her until 6.  Boy, if only I could speak the Polish language.  A sweeter girl never lived than her.

February 3 I sure wish we could get out where there's something going on.  They could send civilians to do this job and put us out there where we belong.

February 4 We have our wash rack finished now and I spent over half a day shining up my job.  Boy, she's a neat looking baby now.

February 5   Had a date with Christina today.  Had a barrel of fun.  Understand each other little better.  If she was in the States I'd marry her so quick your head would swim.

February 7 Made a quick trip to Andimeshk today for a load of oxygen.  Good thing some Arabian didn't decide to take a pot shot.  I'd probably still be sailing.

February 8 Have such a cold and after that trip yesterday I don't feel like doing anything today.  Enough to kill a man in this hole.

February 9   Met Christina again today.  Wasted nearly an hour waiting for Paul to come.  Him and his gal must not be hitting it along so good.

February 10 Went on another Boar hunt today.  Had Captain McGowan's English nurse with us.  Out all day and only got one.  I met one face to face in the thickets.  Big brut.  Fired three shots at him.  No good, though.

February 11 I'm sore all over from that hunt yesterday.  Doing as little as possible.  Took a ride after supper to see if I could see Christina.  No luck.

February 12 Had a date with Christina today but had to work all day and only had a chance to see her a few minutes. 

February 13 Went to church this morning.  Was with Christina most of the afternoon.  Pop had his first date with his girl.

February 14 Had a glimpse of Christina in a drosky.  One of the fellows was seriously hurt on the boar hunt yesterday when a boar attacked him, ripping his leg open. Lonnie got him with his last shot.

February 15 Bunch of Polish girls leaving in a few days.  Sure hope Christina isn't one of them.  Olga says she has to leave.  She hates it like everything.

February 16 Had a date with Christina today, but she didn't show up.  Neda at the camp wall said Christina had been working very hard all day this week at the office.

February 17 Talked with Christina a few minutes at noon today over the wall.  Said she would be able to get out a few minutes tomorrow afternoon.

February 18 Met Christina today for a few minutes.  Made a date with her for Sunday afternoon 1 P.M.  She's been working on the transport orders for the ones that are leaving.

February 19 Sent a few more of the old men home today.  They were sure some happy fellows.  What a feeling that must be.

February 20 Was with Christina all afternoon today.  Brought her to the dance tonight.  That gal's getting under my skin deep.

February 21   Regular routine again today.  Keeping the outfit supplied and moving.

February 22 Had a dance at the NAFFI tonight.  Christina met me a little before time.  There is the sweetest girl living for any man.

February 23 Another date with Christina this afternoon.  Boy, if only the M.P.'s don't catch up with us.  We'd be serving time from now on.

February 24 I didn't make a run all day today.  And not at all sorry.

February 25 Hauled sandstone today.  Howling sandstorm today, too.

February 26 This new training schedule is messing Pop and me up good with the girls.  Had a date with them at 3 but couldn't go until 5.  It was a sweet two hours we spent with them.

February 27 Rode around all afternoon in the 5 tons to watch the beautiful scenery.  Saw Christina a few minutes.

February 28 Hearing plenty of good rumors.  I don't think they'll affect us for a while, though.

February 29 Drove to Khorramshahr today.  Drove through a solid gale of sand on the way back.  Eighty miles of it.  It's the worst I've been in yet.

March 1 Didn't do  much today.  Rested after that trip yesterday.

March 2 Had a half day holiday today, celebrating one year anniversary in Persia.  We all hope it's the last.

March 3 Took Captain McGowan's English nurse out to him tonight.  She's certainly a nice girl.

March 5 Drove a load of men to Daniel's Tomb today, also to the old French Castle.

March 7 Pop and I had a date with the girls today.  I took my truck and drove down to the station and called Pop that my truck had broken down, so he came out, then we took out after the girls.

March 8 Nothing was said about Pop and myself not being at the lecture yesterday, so it must have worked O.K.

March 9 I skipped out on the lecture again today.  I made the ration detail run a little overtime.

March 10 General Connolly flew down from Tehran today.  We'll probably have a big inspection tomorrow.

March 12 Christina couldn't go riding today.  She had to go to a funeral at 5.

March 13 Gave a lift to two Egyptian girls today from Foleybad to Ahwaz.  First of those I'd met here.  One could speak pretty good English.

March 15 Not a single guy was at the lecture today from the Motor Pool.  They caught up with us, too.  We've been getting away with murder alright.

March 16 I went to the lecture today.  They didn't even know I was there.  I won't be at any others.  Polish refugees leaving for Africa tonight, including Olga the NAAFI.

March 17 The girls pulled out this morning early.  It was a pitiful sight.  Women and children down to small babies.

March 19 Had a date with Christina today.  She's been working on the transport orders and I haven't had much chance to see her the last week.

March 20 Hank and I went to the Polish camp today.  Drove right in and parked beside the barracks.  Stayed for more than an hour.  When we left we saw the M.P. truck parked 100 feet away.  Lucky.

March 21 We were going to take the girls out to see Simmonds tonight, but Christina was the only one able to get a pass.  That would have capped everything.  The M.P.'s would shoot us if they knew.

March 22 Pop, Young and myself had the girls out again today.  Took a little chow with us this time.  Christina was telling me all about her school life at home.

March 24 We had our inspection today for the period of our training.  Hope we passed it.  I'd hate to take all that over again.

March 25 Worked like the devil today.  It's been this way all week.  On the go all day.  I feel like I'm going nuts sometimes, this jarring around all day.

March 26 Had a swell time with Christina today.  We had a small picnic out on the desert.

March 28 Leaving for Khorramshahr. 1 P.M.  Be there 8 or 10 days they say.  I have an idea it's going to be a long 8 days, too.  Secret mission.  Can't even see Christina.

March 29 Khorramshahr has changed a lot since we were stationed here.  Only one ship in now.  One due in tomorrow with six new diesels on it we're to assemble.

March 30 Came back to Ahwaz today for more men and tools.  Diesels should be unloaded tomorrow.  Going back tomorrow morning probably.

March 31 Saw Christina for just a few minutes last night, to let her know what was going on.  Back to Khorramshahr this morning.  The fellows started work at noon.

April 1 These are small diesels for yard switching.  Not a bad looking job, though.

April 2 We're all anxious to get back to Ahwaz.  We think of that as home, now.

April 3 This place will drive a man nuts in short order.  Not a thing in the world to do. No wonder the men are going crazy.  Finished up today.

April 4 We all took a trip to Basra today.  Looked the town over and bought a few souvenirs.  Had a big steak dinner in one of the hotels.

April 5 Returned to Ahwaz today.  Pulled the diesels up here to be finished up.

April 6 Worked all day, same old grind again.

April 8 Went to the Polish  camp tonight with Hank.  Using his pass as a shield.

April 9 Easter Sunday.  We had another dance tonight.  It went over great. Held it on the basketball court.

April 11 Hank and I took another trip to the camp again today.  Spent a couple of hours with Christina in her room.  It was very nice considering how they must live.

April 12 Spent the day servicing and straightening up my truck.

April 13 Was with Christina again today.  She's certainly a fine girl.

April 14 Had my camera with me all morning and when I looked for it at noon it was gone.  Searched all the natives before they left camp.  No luck, though.  Also notified M.P.'s.

April 15 Notified British Security today about my camera.  Looking for a camera in this country is just like looking for a needle in a wheat field, though.  It's probably gone.

April 16 Went to the Polish camp yesterday, picked up Chris and took her to Ahwaz to do some shopping, then carried her home.  Wonder how long my luck's going to last.

April 17 Was in the Polish camp again yesterday, then took Christina for a ride.  I never dodged so many M.P.'s and our own officers in my life either.  Every way I turned I met them.

April 18 Arab trouble stirring up again.  Lot of shooting and raiding the last few nights.  I think we're ready for them, though.

April 19 Polish camp is under quarantine for small pox now.  The girls can't come out, but we can go in.  Doesn't make sense to me.

April 20 Was in the camp all morning today.  Saw Christina for a while.  We're planning on throwing a party for Albinaque Sunday.  The pass is all taken care of.

April 23 Had a swell time at Albe's party at the camp today.  Everyone did.  We left about 7 P.M., one hour after pass was finished, but so what.

April 25 Albe's almost got everything his own way not, but they don't give him any encouragement at all.

April 26 I went in the camp tonight for the first time walking.  Not an M.P. in sight.

April 28 Took Albe and Helen to the train today.  Chris went down with them, and, after the train had gone, we went for a ride.  It was 7:30 when I got in with the weapon's carrier.

April 29 Pop, Dick and I had the girls out today.  Had a swell time.  Chris is beginning to speak English fairly well.

April 30 Was in the weapon's carrier about 2 1/2 hours today.  No pass, as usual.  Met Chris' mother for the first time.  She seemed very nice.  I'll have to make sure I'm on the good side of her.

May 1 Talk about a heart of gold...these Polish people have it.  Yesterday, Chris told us the Polish camp was collecting old clothes to give to the Persian's.  Even after what they're going through.

May 2 Was in the Polish camp until 10:30 tonight.  Only M.P.'s we saw were a couple of English.  I ripped up a bed getting under it to hide.  Chris worked hard all day and didn't feel well.

May 3 Today is the Polish Independence Day.  Saw Chris this afternoon and she said her mother was pretty sore because she was up so late last night.  Hope she isn't too mad.

May 4 We had an English show here today.  It had anything that the American Army has ever sent over here.

May 6 Went over to the English camp tonight.  There's some swell fellows there that would do anything for you.

May 8 Boy, what a night.  Didn't have any sleep for the past two nights.  Our Rec. Snack Bar opened last night.  Had the band playing.  Polish girls working.

May 10 Was with Chris tonight.  She is pretty sad today.  Received a letter from her father who has been stationed in Palestine and has now gone to the front in Italy.

May 11 Slept all day and most of last night.  Getting too much sleep now.  Hank, Rick and I took a ride out to the Camp Snack Bar tonight for a change.

May 12 Have a date with Chris tonight at 8.  The Adjutant General's Aide put our Battalion Recreation Hall off limits.  Says it isn't G.I.  That's the kind of officers in the Persian Gulf Command.

May 13 Had the worst sandstorm last night we've ever hard.  Was driving to meet Chris and it started at 7:50 without a moment's notice.  Trains and everything were stopped.

May 14 Another dance tonight.  Promises to be the biggest yet.  With the new girls who just came down.  Captain Chaplain and our Rec Officer get along swell.  Trip to Cheybassi tomorrow.

May 17 Albinaque and his wife came back today.  I met them at the station and drove them to the Polish camp.  Stayed with Chris one hour.  Had some ice cream she'd made.

May 21 Boy, this heat's getting terrific!

May 23 Was in the Polish camp again tonight.  Left the truck sitting down at the 9th Port and had Pop drive me up to the side gate.

May 24 Trying to write a letter home tonight but can hardly write for the bugs.

May 25 Two ships, one loaded with PX supplies and one with mail were torpedoed coming over.  Weren't sunk, but a lot of supplies were lost.

May 27 Spending my siesta in the Polish camp now.  It's much cooler and a lot of fun with the people.  Helena is one swell girl.  I hope I can see her at home.

May 28 Whitey and Bish went over the camp with me today.  Whitey found himself a girl, now he's all for coming back every day.

May 29 This has been a stifling hot day.  So sick I don't care whether the world keeps turning.

May 30 A blistering wind blowing all day.  Very hot.  Spent the afternoon in the Polish camp as usual.  Had my weapons carrier with me again today.  I must have a charmed life.

May 31 Temperature 169° today.  Very nice weather, huh!

June 1 I'm working from the Car Shop now.  Like it better this way.

June 2 The Goddess of Luck must be watching over me.  In the Polish camp again today.  Been driving in all week, nothing happens.  Today, I let Bish drive and the M.P.'s came.  Me without a Company pass.

June 3 Told Lt. Mores about what happened yesterday.  He called the Provost Marshall and talked them into squashing the report.  Another score against the M.P.'s.

June 4 Went to Polish dance at the Finance Building today.  Had a pretty swell time.  Would have been in the Polish camp tonight, except I work nights this week.

June 5 Been tipped off there's to be a raid on the Polish camp any day now so better watch my step.  Asked Father McGraw to write a letter of recommendation to the Provost Marshall.  Maybe I'll get a pass.

June 6 Heard the news first thing this morning of the invasion starting. Here's wishing them all the luck.

June 7 Drove to Foleybad in a blinding sandstorm this afternoon for a litter to be used in the funeral of a 754th boy.  What a day for a funeral.

June 8 Chris seemed more loveable today than she has ever.  Can't help feeling sorry for the poor girl, though.

June 9 They say they're going to have the Polish people all moved ut by the last of July.  I'm certainly going to miss Chris if she goes.

June 10 Working with Lt. Mores still.  That guy's O.K.  He's gotten me out of more than one jam already.

June 11 Worked all day.  Had another dance tonight.  Was a bigger hit than any we've had yet.  It helps a lot to have something like this to take your mind off the Army.

June 12 Spent my siesta in camp today.  Albe's wife is supposed to leave in a few days for Mexico.

June 13 Sweany and I went up to the Provost Marshall today with the letter for a pass to the Polish camp.  Have to go back next Monday.  Be just my luck to get caught now when I almost have a pass.

June 16 Hear they have Colonel Pettit up for trial in Washington for spending all this money over here.  I hope it's true and they give him the works.

June 17 I've held off a week from the Polish camp.  They sure better give me my pass Monday or over the wall I'm going.

June 18 Nothing much today.

June 19 711 really fixed things up last night.  Bunch of drunks tore part of the wall down at the Polish camp.  Now they're taking up all passes, just when I almost had one. 

June 20 M.P.'s raided the Polish camp in force last night.  Caught a mob of soldiers.  Glad I changed my mind about going.

June 21 Going over in the afternoon again now.  Had a date outside last night.  Also, Hank and Mike had their girls.

June 22 Chris wants me to bring my laundry to her to wash.  They have enough without that, though.

June 24 Have quite a time kidding Lt. Mores and Murphy about their girls. Took my nightly ride tonight about sundown and again at 10.

June 25 Plenty of Arab trouble around here now.  Can't travel after dark and when we do we must have a rifle instead of a pistol with us.

June 26 Went to a movie over at 9th Port tonight.  Got back in time for my evening coffee at the Snack Bar.

June 27 Spent the afternoon in the Polish camp.  Had a lot of fun with Neda and Chris.  Those gals like to start water fights.  I usually get the worst end.

June 28 Three Arabs were to be hanged in Ahwaz today but it was put off for some reason.

June 29 This Polish camp is getting to be home to me.  Eat over there with either Chris or Albe nearly every night.

June 30 Pay day again and boy, I can sure use it.  This laundry eats into my pocket deep.

July 2 Temperature inside the Mess Hall at 3 P.M. today was 121°   you can see the difference in the men now and when we were in the states.

July 4 Worked all day today.  Not much of a holiday.

July 5 Some of our officers swear up and down we'll be shipping to Burma before many months.  I can't see it, though.  As soldiers, there isn't much left of us now.

July 6 Have a bushel of fun with those girls, especially Stasia.  We had a water fight royal today.  As usual, though, I came out on the worst end.

July 7 Polish transport leaving Monday for India.  Helena is going this time and Albe with be lost.

July 10 Transport left tonight.  Albe is taking it pretty good about  Helena leaving.  We'll all miss her.

July 12 The Polish camp is pretty quiet now.  Not so many kids around.  We really miss Helena.

July 13 Eighteen months overseas today.  Getting to be quite some veterans.  Drove all day.  So hot I blistered both hands handling the steering wheel.

July 14 M.P.'s gave Mike and I a chase today in the Polish camp.  He liked a long way catching us, though.

July 16 Had another dance tonight.  Nice group of girls here.

July 17 The Colonel's driving my weapons carrier now.  He burned up the motor in his command car and another weapons carrier.  I hope I get mine back before he ruins it.

July 18 Making Chris a foot locker.  Only got a few minutes a day to work on it.  I'll get it someday, though.

July 19 Haven't been to see Chris now in two days.  Hanks says he no sooner gets in than she wants to know if I'm coming or what is wrong.

July 20 Went to see Chris today.  She was sweeter than she's been since I've known her. Want to go to the hospital in few days for a tonsil operation.

July 22 Quite an incident at the officer's dance last night.  Major tried to get fresh with one of the U.S.O. girls.  She ran off the floor crying.  And officer's are gentlemen.

July 23 Worked hard all day today.  To top it off, Captain Atkins phoned for me at 1 P.M.  Gave him a ride he'll never forget, though, through a howling sandstorm, windshield wide open.

July 24 Chris' chain came today and I gave it to her this afternoon.  She went crazy over it.

July 25 They're driving the devil out of me around this shop.  I don't know whether I'm coming or going.  I'm headed for the hospital if this continues.

July 26 Quite a celebration today.  The millionth ton of materials to Russia came through.  We all had our pictures taken beside it.

August 4 I finally got my pass to the Polish camp after trying for three months.  Those M.P.'s won't know what to think when they see I don't run anymore. 

August 5 I'm certainly getting the devil worked out of me.  I think I bit off something when  asked for this shop run.

August 9 Received my good conduct medal today after long last.

August 10 We celebrated Gene's birthday last night and boy, did I get too much in me!  Had to knock off duty the rest of the night.

August 15 Boy!  I'm having a wonderful time in the Polish camp.  I have a lot of good friends in there now.  Another year here and I'll be a full fledged Pole.

August 16 I've been seeing a new girl lately at the other end of the barracks and boy, is Christina jealous.  Helen is not quite as pretty but she has a personality that is unbeatable.

August 17 We'd better be getting out of here before long.  This place is getting on everybody's nerves.

August 18 There must be something in the wind here.  We've received orders to take inventory and measure up all equipment for crating.

August 19 Very good movie here tonight.  "North Star."  The girls won't go to see this type of picture, though, or anything about Russia.

August 20 Amelia is leaving tomorrow for the Army in Palestine, so we gave her a little party tonight. She's one swell girl and I wish I'd known sooner what I know now.

August 21 Amelia left tonight.  The gang was down to see her off.  She left about 12:30.  It's heartrending to see things like this happen, after all they've gone through.

August 24 Rumors are flying thick and fast around here now.  It does seem like something is going to happen soon.

August 27 I go on C.Q. and the bus runs for a week tonight.  I'll miss most of the heat but these bus trips beat the devil out of you.

August 28 Spent the day in the Polish camp today.  Had lunch with Copel Cova.  The blood vessels in my nose burst today account of the heat.  First time this happened to me

August 29 Saw a little of the dance at Foleybad last night between runs.  Chris was there and she certainly looked beautiful.

August 30 I really have Coca Cola on the ball.  I go over and sleep in her room and at lunch she fixes me something to eat.  Chris's little sister, Marisha, will do anything for me, too.

August 31 Pay day again and boy, do I need it.  Laundry and the N.A.A.F.I. take all my money every month.

September 1 Spent the day in leisure again.  This working nights isn't bad.  Chris pestered me all morning and wouldn't let me sleep.  Coca Cola fixed me a chicken dinner.

September 2 Spent the day as usual in the Polish camp.  Coca Cola will do anything for me.

September 3 Slept all morning today.  Went over the camp this afternoon.  I feel as though I'd like to go out and lose myself somewhere.  All I can think of is home.

September 4 Gene, our Snack Bar girl, returned to work today.  She'd been sick with malaria and we all missed her.

September 6 The worst few days of the year are here again.  Hot as the devil and the winds blowing up from the Persian Gulf.

September 7 Wrote a nine page letter to Georgia.  Practically gave her the history of our stay over here.

September 10 Had our monthly dance tonight with the Polish girls.  Didn't have so many this time because of the Persian holidays, though.

September 12 Things are going to pop with me now.  Neda is moving over to the same side of the barracks as Chris.

September 13 Was with Neda most all afternoon, and Chris is jealous.  Would  hardly speak.  I knew this was going to cause an explosion.

September 19 Went to the hospital to have my tonsils removed today.  Wouldn't do it, though. I don't know why.  They certainly need it.  He did say mine were bad.

September 20 Took a pass out last night and overstayed it an hour.  Radamacher would have given me the devil but he was too surprised when he almost knocked me over. 

September 21 Went on sick call this morning.  Went to the hospital to try to get my tonsils taken out.  No go.  Doc said I did have chronic sinus.  Told me to come back Saturday.

September 23 Temperature dropped to 72° last night   almost froze.  But it sure felt good.

September 24 Polish camp again today.  Chris is knitting mom some handkerchiefs.  Told me to keep it a secret, though.

September 27 Chris is going to get me shot some day.  Wanted me to get her a bunch of stuff from the English canteen today.

September 28 Went to see "This Is The Army" tonight.  Very good show.

September 29 Had an awful sandstorm blowing all day.  Transport of 400 Polish orphans came in today.   Children from 5 or 6 to about 12 years old.

September 30 One kid received an article from a paper at home stating that General Connolly said we should be shipped to the Far East or South Pacific.  That guy's crazy.

October 1 Played bingo tonight at the Snack Bar.  Came close but not close enough.

October 2 Three of our boys and three 711 tangled in a fight yesterday at the Station.  There's two in the hospital not expected to live.

October 3 Rumors are still flying thick and fast.

October 6 These people are taking the fall of Warsaw pretty hard but bravely.

October 7 Received a package from Mr. Hall today.

October 8 Supposed to have our dance today but was cancelled because the Polish are going into mourning for two weeks on account of Warsaw.

October 9 Returned to normal shifts today.  I sure hate to see that.  I'll miss it one more week, though.  I'm night driver this week. 

October 10 I haven't had five hours sleep in the past 48 and man, am I dead!

October 23 Washing my truck today and got kerosene in my ear.  Aching all day and deaf as a door nail.

October 24 Had wart on finger of each hand cut off today.  Three stitches in each.  Sore as the devil now.  No improvement in my ear.

October 25 Went back to have my fingers checked.  Doc put a splint on the left hand to keep me from bending fingers.

October 31 Had a party for the Polish kids tonight.

November 7 The worst sandstorm we've had here.  Came this afternoon.  You could see positively nothing.

November 8 We thought the sandstorm yesterday was bad, but it blew again about 4 A.M. then rained.  Almost wiped our camp out.

November 23 My number was almost up.  Left the road at full speed coming back from Aborhan.

December 24 Had a big party with the girls tonight.  Plenty to eat.  Had a Christmas tree fixed up.

December 25 Another big party today.