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Sunday, 29 September 2013 22:49

09/01 Fri. World War II begins as German troops invade Poland.  Italy
           announces neutrality.
09/03 Sun. Great Britain, France, Australia, and New Zealand declare
           war on Germany.
09/05 Tue. President issues two Neutrality Proclamations; one according
           to Neutrality Act of 1937 which forbids shipment of arms and
           munitions to belligerents, the other in accordance with
           international law.
           President orders a Neutrality Patrol by Navy to report and
           track any belligerent air, surface, or underwater naval
           forces approaching Atlantic coasts of the United States or
           the West Indies.
09/06 Wed. Navy begins formation of Neutrality Patrol for Atlantic
           Ocean under Commander Atlantic Squadron (Rear Adm. A. W.
09/08 Fri. President proclaims a "limited national emergency" and
           orders increase in enlisted strengths of all armed forces;
           naval enlisted men from 110,813 to 145,000; Marine Corps
           enlisted strength form 18,325 to 25,000; and authorizes
           recall to active duty of officers, men, and nurses on retired
           lists of Navy and Marine Corps.
           Allies announce a long-range blockade of Germany.
09/10 Sun. Canada declares war on Germany.
09/11 Mon. Adm. W. D. Leahy, USN (Ret.), takes office as Governor of
           Puerto Rico.
           Germany announces counter-blockade of Allies.
09/16 Sat. British Admiralty announces establishment of convoy system
           for its merchant shipping; first Halifax-United Kingdom
           convoy sails.
09/17 Sun. Russian forces invade Poland.
09/21 Thu. President asks for repeal of arms embargo provisions of
           Neutrality Act of 1937.
09.27 Wed. Warsaw surrenders unconditionally to Germany and Russia;
           Poland ceases to resist the invaders.
09/29 Fri. Poland is partitioned by Germany and Russia.
10/02 Mon. Act of Panama is approved by Conference of Foreign Ministers
           of American Republics meeting in Panama City.  A neutrality
           zone some 300 miles in breadth is to be patrolled by the
           United States Navy.
           Germany notifies the United States that merchant vessels must
           submit to visit and search.
10/05 Thu. Hawaiian Detachment of United States Fleet is formed under
           Commander Scouting Force (Vice Adm. A. Andrews).
10/09 Mon. German armored cruiser DEUTSCHLAND seizes United States
           freighter CITY OF FLINT as contraband carrier, en route from
           New York to United Kingdom.
11/04 Sat. Neutrality Act of 1939 becomes law.  This act repeals the
           arms embargo and substitutes a policy of "cash and carry";
           prohibits United States vessels and citizens from entering
           combat zones; establishes the National Munitions Control
           composed of the Secretaries of States, Treasury, War, Navy,
           and Commerce.
           President declares area around British Isles a combat zone.
11/28 Tue. Russia denounces 1932 Non-Aggression Pact with Finland.
11/30 Thu. Russian forces invade Finland.
12/17 Sun. German armored cruiser ADMIRAL GRAF SPEE is scuttled off
           Montevideo, Uruguay.
12/19 Tue. German passenger liner COLUMBUS is scuttled about 450 miles
           east of Cape May, N. J., when intercepted by British
12/27 Wed. United States protests British seizure of mail en route to